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DUI & Traffic Offenses

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In Maryland new drivers are required to have a provisional license, and this license can be suspended under what MVA calls the “Graduated Licensing System” program, GLS for short.  The first moving violation a provisional driver gets results in a referral to the driver improvement program.  After that, suspensions of 30 days for a second moving violation, and 180 days for subsequent violation, can be imposed. It is important to contact our office on the first violation and consider contesting each violation to avoid proposed suspensions and other sanctions that will keep you from driving or raise your insurance rates.

Provisional drivers should almost always request a trial if a ticket received carries points.  We can help defend charges, and also defend suspension of license sanctions, which are automatic unless an MVA hearing is requested.

Even minor moving violations affect younger drivers, and parents can pay a penalty if insurance rates are increased on teens who accumulate points.  Insurance cancellation is possible if the younger driver is suspended.  Getting expert advice and effective representation is essential.

Even if you were older and have a standard license, just paying a ticket may cost you thousands of dollars in increased insurance penalties you didn’t consider.  Standard traffic violations require an immediate response and the favored action always is to obtain a trial and seek legal advice before paying a citation that can cost you penalties that you did not anticipate. 

At the other end of the spectrum is what some have called “the most frequently committed criminal offense by non-criminals,” drinking and driving, or DUI. Maryland law on these offenses typically provides for BOTH license suspension and court sanctions, and all DUI offenses carry the possibility of jail and severe point consequences on your license. 

There are four different types of alcohol or drug related charges under Maryland law. Although the names have changed over the years, “Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol” currently refers to the most serious type of drunk driving, where the defendant is extremely drunk or substantially affected by the consumption of alcohol.  First offenders face up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000.00 and 12 points, if convicted.   An alternative approach is a charge for “DUI per se” where the State has a reduced burden to prove substantial impairment but the defendant took a breath test of .08 or greater, which establishes that he or she was under the influence because of that test [per se] alone.

If you took a breath test there are a number of technical issues that can be applied to prevent the breath test from being admitted in court.

The lesser charge involving alcohol and driving is now called “Driving While Impaired by Alcohol,” and carries up to 60 days in jail, fines of up to $500.00, and 8 points. Obtaining a reduction of the more serious charge is a realistic option in many cases because judges are reluctant to acquit any alcohol offender completely. But if the evidence supports the more serious charge, you need an excellent trial lawyer to negotiate the lesser offense or obtain that verdict after trial.

Two other charges deal with driving while impaired by drugs, or drugs and alcohol in combination, the same penalty as driving impaired by alcohol alone, and driving while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance, same penalties as DUI.  Drug related arrests often involve an extra police witness called a “Drug Recognition Expert,” and few lawyers have actually become involved in the type of in depth research and practice that is necessary to defend these cases successfully.

Our firm offers expert guidance by one of the preeminent attorneys in DUI defense, and solutions for both court and MVA issues.  An early consultation is essential, as DUI license suspensions can occur quickly and automatically unless steps are taken to request an MVA hearing or enter programs that permit driving with an “ignition interlock” device. 

Preparing for a good result in court also requires immediate attention to obtaining an alcohol evaluation, education or treatment. Every client and every case is different. We know that small things can make a big difference, but look to results, not volume discounts. Our fees are reasonable and are based on the facts of each case. Call us today to ensure you have DUI lawyers that are ready to go to bat for you. With over 60 combined years of legal experience, we’ve protected the rights of countless people, their friends, and family members. We’re ready to do the same for you. 

Why do I need the best DUI Lawyers in Rockville, MD?

You’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite how bleak the situation may seem, there is no need to panic. A DUI lawyer will be able to help you through the Maryland Court System in this seemingly hopeless situation. Here are just five of the innumerable reasons why you should hire one.

  1. Expert Background Knowledge in DUI Law: DUI law is an immensely complex area that features surprising variation on a state-by-state basis. Although you may be attracted towards hiring a standard criminal litigator, they do not have the particular expertise you require when facing such potentially severe consequences. You need someone with a robust education in the state of Maryland’s DUI laws. This distinct knowledge is essential to ensuring the best possible result for you in court.
  2. Intricate Understanding of DUI Proceedings: DUI lawyers understand how to triumphantly navigate the harsh and complex terrain that is DUI procedure. With background knowledge characterized by specific expertise, they know the actions to take to provide you with a with an easier path through the legal system. They understand which precise technical issues to reference to keep your breath test out of court. Their ability to craftily negotiate is paramount to ensuring a less severe sentencing in the face of serious charges.
  3. Background in Traffic and Motor Vehicle Law: Before a lawyer can even dabble in DUI cases, a strong background in traffic and motor vehicle law is essential. Without a thorough understanding of these two complementary areas, a lawyer would not be able to traverse DUI law successfully. DUI lawyers have this foundational knowledge and can apply this expertise to help craft a strong case specific to your situation.
  4. The Dynamic Nature of DUI Law: DUI law is a uniquely dynamic field. Constant changes make a complete understanding of the area arduous to maintain.  If your lawyer provides an antiquated defense strategy, you will have an excruciatingly difficult time avoiding harsh sentencing. Luckily DUI lawyers keep meticulous track of these frequent alterations. This allows them to continually update their framework knowledge and legal tactics, making them a reliable fit to represent you.  
  5. Potential to Prevent License Suspension: DUI lawyers recognize the importance of driving. Operating a motor vehicle becomes ingrained in almost every aspect of life. If charged with a DUI, license suspension may be swift and automatic. DUI lawyers understand the specific procedures to take so you can stay on the road. Whether it be ignition interlock device installation or an MVA hearing, they will be able to help you avoid losing such an essential component of your daily routine.  

You now understand why hiring a DUI lawyer is imperative if you have been charged with a DUI. Bours & Lucero, LLC, offers one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys in the Rockville, MD, area. Equipped with a legal arsenal much larger than the list above, they will be able to help you traverse this challenging case. For more information, feel free to call us at (301) 340-7600.