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Any Ticket That Carries Points Should Be Contested

Paying a ticket that assesses points against your Maryland driver record may end up costing you thousands of dollars in increased insurance rates. To minimize penalties, traffic violations require an immediate response. Even points for seemingly minor violations add up over time and can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. At Bours & Lucero, LLC, we can help you obtain a trial and advise you on how to fight tickets, fines and points.

Helping Provisional License Drivers Fight Traffic Tickets

For drivers with a provisional license, the first moving violation results in a referral to the driver improvement program. A second moving violation usually results in a 30-day suspension and subsequent violations carry a 180-day license suspension. Suspensions and other sanctions not only keep you from driving but also raise your insurance rates. Even minor moving violations affect younger drivers, often resulting in increased insurance rates for the parents of teens who accumulate points. If a young driver has their license suspended, insurance cancellation is possible.

Provisional drivers should almost always request a trial if a ticket received carries points. We can help defend moving violation charges as well as suspension of license sanctions, which are automatic unless you request an MVA hearing. It is important to contact our office on the first violation and consider contesting each violation to avoid a license suspension under what the MVA calls the “Graduated Licensing System” program, or GLS for short. Insurance rates for minors regaining their license after a GLS suspension are astronomical.

Moving Violations Can Threaten The Careers Of Professional Drivers

As a professional driver, traffic offenses and CDL violations may lead to the loss of your job as well as fines and other penalties. Paying fines is an admission of guilt and adds points to your driving record. Avoiding the inconvenience and (potential) expense of staying in town to fight your ticket in court is almost always the wrong decision. If you’ve been accused of a more serious charge such as an hours of service violation or a CDL DUI, it’s imperative to hire an experienced firm like Bours & Lucero, LLC, to protect your career and minimize your penalties.

For Help Fighting Traffic Charges, Contact Bours & Lucero, LLC

Our legal team includes Reginald W. Bours III, a former prosecutor with more than 40 years of experience helping clients fight moving violations, DUI charges and CDL violations. If you have been charged with a traffic offense, contact us now by calling 240-428-0933 or filling out our online contact form.