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Could domestic violence charges cost you your job? 

On Behalf of | May 28, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence accusations could be the result of an angry spouse because you filed for divorce or busybody neighbors who called the police when there was no good reason to do so. Police officers often need to make a snap judgment, and they will often err on the side of caution by believing the person who made the report. 

A domestic violence charge can be a major inconvenience and can affect your freedom and your finances. The state may assess fines against those who plead guilty to domestic violence charges. Even worse, you may also have to worry about losing your job because of a domestic violence conviction.

Your employer may have a zero-tolerance policy

Many companies have clear rules about criminal convictions. If your employer has a rule in their employee handbook or in your contract with them addressing criminal convictions, you may be at risk of summary termination if you plead guilty. Your employer may also terminate you if you have to miss work to attend court or serve a sentence in state facilities. 

Secondary consequences could affect your employment

Some people will be at risk of losing their professional license required for their job, as many licensing boards have rules against criminal activity. 

For those who work in law enforcement, the military or private security, a job loss could be a secondary consequence of a domestic violence conviction. Federal rules eliminate gun ownership rights for those convicted of domestic violence offenses. If your job requires that you carry a gun and you can no longer do so legally because of your criminal record, your job may be at risk if you plead guilty. 

Learning more about the possible consequences of domestic violence charges can help you determine the best response after your arrest. 

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