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3 signs of an unhealthy marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Divorce |

A healthy marriage can take many different forms, but knowing what makes an unhealthy marriage could save you both financially and physically. 

It may be time for a divorce if any of the following are present in your relationship:

Financial manipulation or control

Your spouse may be adamant that they manage the finances. They keep you in the dark about every expense and how much is in savings. Unknown finances put you in a bind if you ever consider purchasing anything for yourself. This can be an abusive tactic your spouse uses to control what you can do and spend. The actions of your spouse limit your independence if you ever consider a divorce.

On the other hand, you may notice there are unexplained charges on your banking account or cash is missing. These are a few signs that your partner could be going behind your back and abusing your money. Their impulsive spending can make it hard to pay bills and build savings. A divorce could save you from losing more of your hard-earned income. 


It can be hard to find out that your spouse has been texting someone else for a one-night fling. Their unfaithfulness may tell you that they are uncommitted to the relationship you have. 

If this is a recurring issue or simply a line too far for you, then you may consider a divorce to protect your self-interests. 

Domestic violence

Recurring bruises, cuts, busted lips or black eyes are just a few signs your spouse may be physically abusive. Do not let your spouse try to deflect their actions as playfulness or quirks. Domestic violence is never acceptable in a marriage – and it’s important to note that domestic violence can also be economic and emotional, not just physical.

It can be scary to think your spouse has somehow pulled the wool over your eyes and isn’t the person you thought they were. It may be in your best interest to contact experienced help that can help you begin the divorce process. 

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