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Worried about divorce negotiations? Here are some tips

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Divorce |

A lot of people who are going through divorce just want to settle their legal issues, divide their property, and move on with life as quickly as possible. As tempting as it may be to reach a quick divorce settlement, doing so can really put you at a financial disadvantage in both the short- and long-term. That’s why before entering into you divorce negotiations you should have a sound legal strategy.

Things to consider when before negotiating your divorce settlement

You shouldn’t enter you divorce negotiations blindly and just hope that you can talk your way to some sort of agreement. Doing that is dangerous for many reasons. So, before sitting down with your spouse, you might want to know each of the following:

  • What you need and want: There are probably certain assets that you absolutely need to secure to ensure financial stability post-divorce. You should know what these assets are so that you can stand firm on them during negotiations. By identifying what you want, you know where your goalposts are, but you also know where you might have some wiggle room.
  • What your spouse needs and wants: If you can identify what your spouse needs coming out of the divorce, then you can really use those items to leverage them into an agreement that is favorable to you. The same holds true with the assets that your spouse wants. By knowing what your spouse needs and wants, you can develop a more holistic negotiation strategy.
  • Your tone: Coming off as overly aggressive during negotiations may shut down talks and stall progress. This can lead to risky litigation, a prolonged process, increased stress, and more costs. So, try to be assertive and firm without coming across as retaliatory or overly aggressive.
  • When to talk away: You might be pushed to your limits during negotiation. But regardless of how badly you want to reach a resolution, you don’t have to during negotiations, and you shouldn’t if it’s not in your best interests. Therefore, you should know beforehand when enough is enough.

Receive the assertive and holistic representation you need

Marriage dissolution can be fraught with emotions that make it hard to make important decisions. We understand that, especially when you don’t know the ins and out of the law. That’s why experienced law firms like ours diligently works with divorcing individuals to ensure that their interests are as fully protected as possible throughout the process.

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