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Visitation options for Maryland parents

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Child Custody |

Visitation is an important family law issue that many parents will address when they divorce or separate from their partners. It is often discussed and decided in conjunction with child custody determinations and can complement parenting plans for children. Unlike child custody, which grants parents the rights to have their kids live with them or to make decisions about their care, visitation grants parents’ time with their children.

Before negotiating or agreeing to a visitation plan, Maryland parents can talk with knowledgeable family law attorneys about their rights and options. This post does not provide legal advice. Its informational content should be talked about with attorneys familiar with readers’ cases.

Visitation terms and options

Visitation can look very different from family to family. For some, reasonable visitation may be granted, in which the parents are not tied to a set visitation schedule. For others, visitation may be planned in advance and subject to regular visits of established dates and durations.

Visitation can also be supervised. Many visitation orders do not stipulate supervision, as parents with visitation rights can competently and safely care for their kids while with them. However, parents who suffer from mental or physical impairments, or those who may pose dangers to their kids, may be ordered to have their visitation time in the presence of a neutral third party.

Virtual visitation in the digital age

As many readers know, it can be hard for family members to stay close to each other when relocation is so common throughout the nation. When a parent must move away from the community in which their child lives, they may worry about how they will maintain visitation with them. Virtual visitation is an option that allows parents and kids to use texting, video calls, email, and other electronic means to communicate to protect their relationships.

Like other family law topics, visitation is complex and will change from case to case. To prepare for upcoming child custody and visitation hearings, individuals can work with trusted family law attorneys for case-specific guidance.


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