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Many people decide to go through a divorce on their own, without counseling or legal assistance. For one reason or another, they think they can handle the burden themselves. You’ll certainly save money going through the process alone, but the stress and legal hassle will likely overwhelm you. Separating from marriage is already difficult enough. Let the divorce lawyers of Bours & Lucero help guide you through the process and fight for the best outcome for you and your children.

People often picture lawyers as untrustworthy and use them as the butt of jokes. That’s why we strive to be different and establish an open and honest relationship with you from start to finish. We know divorce is an especially tense decision filled with emotion. We promise to support you through this difficult time by providing you adequate representation and resources to heal and start fresh.

In any case, financial concerns mount and can create even more tension in the family. Paying for separate divorce lawyers just adds to that pressure. You want to save money and still get the best possible outcome for your situation. At Bours & Lucero, LLC, we offer free divorce or family law consultation. No strings attached!

Divorce in Maryland

Without a doubt, every case of divorce is unique and filled with its own turmoil. Maybe you’re asking, can I even get a divorce in my situation?

The state of Maryland distinguishes between two types of divorces:

  • Absolute divorce – this form is what most people think when they hear divorce. The court legally separates the couple, divides up properties, and handles child custody. In the end, the court ends the marriage.
  • Limited divorce – the process is very similar to absolute divorce and handles all the same legal issues, only in the end they couple is still legally married. Limited divorce is what most people would think of as “legal separation” in other states.

While your case may have special circumstances, for any divorce in Maryland, at least one partner must have been a resident of the state for at least a year. You’ll both need to have lived apart for at least 12 months before filing for divorce, or you must prove “fault grounds”, such as abuse, insanity, or adultery.

Finding the Right Divorce Legal Services

When it comes down to divorce, every one of your friends has an opinion on what’s best for you. You should listen to their advice. Your friends, neighbors, coworkers, mother, hairdresser – all of these people earnestly want the best for you in this tough time.

Although, what you need most of all is experienced professionals to handle the complex legal issues involved!

Gather a Strong Legal Defense Team

Carefully consider who you hire as your divorce lawyer. Compare the credentials of their legal background and services. A good lawyer must communicate with you and listen to your problems. Being completely open with your lawyer will give essential legal advice. An attorney firm also needs confidence with the time and energy to dedicate to your case

To help you get through the emotions and stress of separation, don’t feel ashamed to seek a psychiatrist that specializes in marriage relationships. Accepting help in the transition is healthy. Don’t close yourself off from loved ones.

Also, it may be helpful to have a forensic accountant on your team. A forensic accountant can trace assets and the hidden value of your possessions.

Depending on your case, you might also want to hire a private investigator. This professional can track down your spouse and help document their history of abuse, infidelity, and wild spending.

Finally, gather together a list of contact you could use as key witnesses, including babysitters, teachers, friends, medical professionals, or police officers. Any witnesses who can substantiate your case should be welcome and introduced to your divorce lawyers.

Build a Healthy Relationship Your Team

You and your divorce lawyer should have a special relationship. Anything that you convey to your lawyer or their staff verbally or in writing is confidential. The right attorney for you seeks your best interest by advocating your position, no matter how burdensome and lost it seems.

It is essential that you have a cooperative relationship. Be honest and forthcoming with the right documents promptly to ensure a smooth process. If you’re are in doubt, call in for a meeting with your lawyer. Your future is at stake! Don’t let a simple mistake slip by and potentially ruin your case. Trust your lawyers to handle the complex paperwork and court procedure, but don’t remain ignorant yourself! Stay informed and keep them accountable to get things done promptly. Despite the whole ordeal, be respectful and calm. Acting professional yourself will go along way in creating a healthy relationship with your legal team.

Private Practice vs. Free Legal Aid Divorce Lawyer

There are some key differences between attorneys who work in private firms (or “private practice”) and those in non-profit work (those in the “public service”).

Clients of private practice divorce lawyers pay them on flat rate basis or an hourly rate. In this line of work, “partners” have an equity interest in the firm, while “associates” are paid on salary. These lawyers typically represent corporations or private individuals.

On the other hand, attorneys working in government and nonprofits are usually paid a salary. Often, clientele does not pay for their services at all. The firm pays their attorney’s salary. The lawyers get a set rate based on their expertise and experience. In public service, salaries are usually lower. Lawyers in these fields advise or represent local, state, or federal government agencies and officials, though they also pledge to help those who cannot afford private practice attorneys.

Sometimes, you may hear some generalization or rumors that about public interest attorneys and private practice, such as one group spending more time with clients than the other. You should approach these claims with a skepticism and, instead, thoroughly research the firms yourself.

Bours & Lucero: The Legal Team for You

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