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Know how alimony is determined in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Divorce |

There are many issues that will come up in any Maryland divorce whether it is reasonably amicable or rife with conflict. People need to prepare for the future after their marriage is over and that means knowing how they will organize their finances. Alimony is a fundamental part of that.

The law is designed to reach a fair outcome.

Understanding how alimony is calculated

When deciding whether to award alimony, how much and for how long, courts want to know if the person seeking alimony can support themselves partially or in full. In other words, if they can find income that makes alimony unnecessary, then it might not be necessary.

In many cases, at the time of the divorce, the person asking for alimony might have put their education on hold or they not have the training or skills to find a job in the current economy. In this instance, they can receive alimony while they gain the necessary skills to find a job.

People will have a standard of living from the marriage that the court will want to maintain. The length of the marriage is a key consideration. While this is not set in stone, a short-term marriage of only a few years is unlikely to warrant long-term alimony, if it is part of the case at all. A longer marriage could lead to an extended time for which alimony will be paid and received.

The parties’ ages, why they are divorcing and estranged; retirement accounts; their financial obligations; and the prospective paying party’s finances will be assessed. A person who has limited assets or income must show that to impact the alimony award. For some, the award will be indefinite if they are infirm, disabled or their age is an obstacle in self-support.

Alimony can be complicated and it is vital to be prepared

Alimony is a common topic for dispute in a divorce and people need to be aware of how the court makes its decision. People will contribute to a marriage in different ways. Simply because a person asking for alimony did not bring in significant income does not mean they did not help the other person by taking care of the home; raising children; or assisting in running a business. Financial and non-financial contributions are important as is having caring, comprehensive assistance.

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