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Why so many people wait until after the holidays to file

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Divorce |

Filing for divorce is one of the biggest, most disruptive decisions a married individual can make. Everything about their daily life will likely change during the divorce process, from how they spend their time to their budget.

Although people often picture those who plan to divorce making surprising announcements during an argument with their spouse, the reality is far duller. People frequently spend weeks, if not months, thinking about divorce before they take any kind of concrete action.

Especially for those with children, waiting to file until after the holidays is a very common practice. As a result, many professionals refer to January as divorce month, as it is when many people decide to talk to a lawyer about their marriage. Why do so many people wait until January to file for divorce?

They don’t want to derail holiday celebrations

Nothing puts a damper on a family’s holiday Joy more thoroughly than the looming specter of divorce and one parent moving out soon. Even if that is what will likely happen in January or February of the new year, enjoying the holiday celebration without that stress hanging over your head or diminishing your children’s joy could be a strong motivator to wait to file for divorce.

Additionally, waiting until after the holidays will ensure they don’t become the anniversary of your announcement. Otherwise, your children may not experience the holidays as a source of joy but instead as a reminder of one of their most serious traumas.

They hold out hope for reconciliation

Even those who have experienced serious marital misconduct, like infidelity, might still dream of reconciling with their spouse and recommitting to the relationship. The holidays may provide someone with an opportunity to make one last grand romantic gesture in the hopes of preserving their relationship. They can also give someone a chance to reconnect with their family and seek advice from people who may have a less biased perspective than their own.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, many people wait until January to file for divorce despite making up their minds well before the holiday season is underway. If you believe you will likely file in January, there are certain steps that you can take before then to prepare yourself, such as obtaining crucial financial records or starting to research options for legal representation.

Understanding the motives behind certain divorce trends can help you prepare for your upcoming family law litigation.


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