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Divorce over Zoom, even for celebrities

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Divorce |

Over the past year, everyone’s lives have changed, for both better and worse. For those going through the divorce process though, the most significant change has been Zoom. Traditionally, divorces occur in family law courts, but with everything going on now, those courts have now become virtual. And, this reality is affecting everyone, including celebrities.

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Zoom divorce

We have all seen the perks of celebrity, like priority access and VIP treatment. Some airports even have special terminals, waiting areas, concierges, etc. for celebrities and the uber rich. But, one place where everyone is equalized is divorce court. This was recently exemplified in the Zoom divorce between Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy.

News of this celebrity uncoupling came right when most courts shutdown entirely last spring. At that point, since courts were shutdown, the divorce was put on hold. But, now that most, if not all, courts have reopened, divorces are now slowly being completed, though only remotely for most cases.

Divorce for locals

For Rockville, Maryland, couples looking to divorce, the key takeaway is that, while divorce may look different right now, divorces can now proceed. If one had their divorce on hold, they should contact their attorney immediately to make sure the process has been initiated. And, for those who have not yet initiated the divorce process, call a divorce attorney immediately because courts are now proceeding with divorces. Of course, since there was and is already a backlog, the process will likely take much longer than before, but one’s attorney will walk them through the process.

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