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Allegations of sex crimes lead to ex-coach’s arrest in Maryland

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Sex Crimes |

The mere mentioning of the words “sex crimes” in Maryland and across the nation will elicit an emotional reaction. People who are victimized can face a lifetime of trauma that will impact them in myriad ways. Still, those who are accused of these acts must remember how their lives can be negatively impacted as well. In many instances, it is a complicated situation that must be navigated in a specific manner to avoid a conviction and the worst possible penalties.

Former football coach accused of sexually assaulting players

One recent case involves a man who was a high school football coach and has been accused of sexual assault involving former players under his charge. The coach, 26, was an assistant on the school’s varsity football team from 2016 to 2020. According to the charges, he behaved inappropriately with two players.

Beginning in 2016, he would invite a 17-year-old player to his residence. The pretense was to help the student with his goal of playing football in college. The coach is accused of fondling the student during stretching sessions. Another 17-year-old student had Snapchat conversations in which the coach asked for pictures in compression shorts. The student subsequently sent naked images of himself. On a separate occasion, the coach stayed at the home of one of the students. The student said the coach was touching him overnight. He was placed on administrative leave and law enforcement is searching for other potential victims.

Penalties for sex crimes are often severe

In addition to the possibility of jail time and fines, a conviction for sex-based accusations can cause many other challenges in a person’s life. For people who work in education or are around young people as part of their job, accusations of sex crimes can not only cost them their freedom, but their careers as well. Registering as a sex offender will also be required even after any jail time has been served. This can radically alter a person’s future.

Assessing the evidence is critical to a case. There is a possibility that the behavior was consensual. There could have been a misunderstanding. Or the accusations might not be true. It is vital to have legal assistance from the start. As soon as a person is aware he or she is being investigated or has already been arrested, calling a firm experienced with criminal defense for sex crimes should be the first step taken.