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At Terenzini & Lucero, LLC, we apply nearly 20 years of experience to assist clients facing complex family law or bankruptcy cases.

Crafting A Legal Strategy To Protect Your Rights And Interests

Our attorney recognizes the challenges you face. We actively involve you in your case by providing clear explanations of the law and how it applies to your situation. By doing this, we strive to help you understand the status of your case and make informed decisions.

In many cases, a settlement may provide the best option for a quick and effective resolution. However, when this is not an option or does not suit your interests, we are not afraid to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Covid-19 And Domestic Violence Arrests

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced spouses, domestic partners, boyfriends and girlfriends into close quarters or in quarantine, arrests for domestic violence have escalated. Police are generally required to arrest someone if they investigate an assault and there is evidence of an actual injury as minor as a red mark, a bruise or a cut. Even if there is no arrest, the “victim” is typically advised he or she may apply for a protective order by filing a sworn application support a claim.

Anyone arrested is entitled to be represented by an attorney during a “bail review” hearing conducted before a District Court Commissioner. These hearings are conducted 24 hours per day, so you may need an attorney familiar with the proceeding and reachable at odd hours.

Anyone who is served with a protective order is typically required to have no contact from the “victim” and other family members, and may be required to vacate the home where the incident is alleged to have happened. Early advice from an experienced domestic violence attorney is essential.

The attorneys of Terenzini & Lucero, LLC, have substantial domestic violence experience on both sides, whether you are a victim or a person charged with a crime.

Family Law

We help our clients effectively navigate sensitive times in their lives, including throughout divorce and child custody disputes.


We assist individuals and families who are struggling with overwhelming debt throughout the consumer bankruptcy process.

Representing Clients Across Maryland For Nearly 20 Years

Compassionate Advocates For You And Your Family’s Needs

Any family law matter can be emotional and layered with complications. We are here to listen, discuss your goals and strategically guide you throughout the legal process. Whether your divorce involves significant assets or a contentious child custody dispute, we can assist.

Notably, attorney Alicia R. Lucero serves as a best interests attorney (BIA) for children. This role allows her to advocate on behalf of the child’s interests. Ms. Lucero is dedicated to fighting for children’s rights, particularly within high-conflict cases.

We Don’t Rest Until You Can Rest Easy

Facing mounting debt is intimidating. You may feel as though the odds are already stacked against you. Whether you face substantial medical debt, credit card bills or other obligations, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney.

Attorney Alicia Lucero applies insight and nearly 20 years of legal experience to ease the stress in bankruptcy and help clients obtain a stable financial structure.

Don’t Wait To Discuss Your Case With An Attorney

You need an attorney who will stop at nothing to fight for you. Look no further than the lawyers at Terenzini & Lucero, LLC. Schedule your initial consultation with our Rockville office by calling 240-428-0933 or by sending us an email.

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